What True Love wants

(Text of an e-chat with TRUE LOVE magazine (July Edition) on one of my least favoured subjects, Religion.)

To which spiritual denomination do you belong?

I have sympathy for all religions but I prefer my neutrality. This means I could participate in rituals and ceremonies of all 'spiritual denominations' so far it is all about advancing the good cause of humanity. In essence, I worship God/Allah/Olodumare or whatever name is given to the Supreme Being - the creator/ owner of the heaven and the earth and all the components therein.

How do you nurture your spirit?

By being very human; loving others as I love myself; cherishing others the way I cherish myself; working for the good of all creations of the Supreme Being. I believe that by loving and appreciating other human beings, I am loving and cherishing the Supreme Being.

What inspired you to becoming a journalist?

I say always that I am a Culture Communicator and not a Journalist in the way it's usually or traditionally defined and practised. But even in my chosen vocation, I operate within the universe of Journalism.

What challenges did you face when you were writing your first novel- Kemi's Journal?

I am not the author of such a work. Though I have unpublished collections here and there, which are for now on suspension due to my two decades of fraternisation with the print media.

How do you find a balance between staying true to your profession and the pressure from outside forces to compromise the truth?

I work according to the dictates of my conscience, and my sealed pact with my Creator to always be on the side of truth, honesty and; all that is justice-able.

How did you surmount the challenges?

I check-balance myself all the time. I refuse to be swayed by popular sentiment. I decline -- no matter the circumstances -- to be coerced to toe common line of actions. I am ever so conscious of circumspection and self-introspection. I work issues out within me before I make my intervention in public discourses or affairs. Above all, I SPEAK my feelings.

Who is your spiritual role model?

The Supreme Being, but I draw lessons from the exemplary lives of the various leaders of men in terms of religion.

How has your spirituality inspired you to give back to society?

It is my main stimulus in all I do -- privately or publicly.

What principles/ philosophies do you guide your life and spirit by?

Live in service to fellow being. Love. Share. Appreciate.

If you could change one thing about Nigeria and the world, what would it be?

Erase Indolence; Gullibility; Docility ; Grumbling.... and Rumour Mongering -- all viruses that have eaten deep into the psyche of almost all Nigerians.

If you could change one thing about your spiritual journey what would it be?

To get deeply involved in Service to humanity.

Which holy books do you guide your life by?

I say that I am a student of Life Experiences. Is there a Holy Book by such title? In any case, I read sections from all the books of religion, because I believe they are documentation of Life Experiences of the leaders of men in religious philosophy.

How do you cleanse your spirit?

Silent moments of introspection and reflection on affairs of men as they relate to my daily experiences and needs.

How has your spirituality changed your life?

Make me to be very positive about life and survival of humanity.

In spite of its challenges, what inspires you to stay committed to your profession?

My conviction that I am here not to build Personal Empire but to do Service to humanity through My Gifts.

How can we enrich Nigeria spiritually?

Let every man be a Master of his own religious Conviction. Ensure freedom of choice; Freedom to Be what he plans/wants to Be. Not Judging others by our own selfishly erected standards. Freedom is the Key to a better, developed society.


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