SARO The Musical… Broadway-style theatrical project steps out boldly

SARO The Musical… Broadway-style theatrical project steps out boldly    The creator and producer of the musical, Mrs. Austen-Peters, also founder, Managing Director of the famous art centre, Terra Kulture, leading the guests into the vision that birthed SARO The Musical said over seven-years engagement with theatrical production and promotion through the Theatre@Terra scheme, had imbued her organisation, Terra Kulture, with the capacity and boldness to envision a grand theatrical package of the magnitude of the musical.
   “We are not afraid to embark on a project of this scale because we have been through it all in the past seven years. We have encountered lot of challenges in running the Theatre@ Terra but we have also mastered how to surmount the challenges; so we understand the way to handle a project of this magnitude,” she said to wide applause from the audience.
    She continued: “through our engagement with the Theatre, we have been able to create over 500 jobs for both young and old. We believe that it is only in the art that our country has comparative advantage and; though there is no funding from government or private individuals, many people like musical stars TuFace, D’Banj and others have triumphed against all odds”. She also made reference to the success already recorded by the local film industry otherwise called Nollywood, which through private sector investment and willpower, has been described as the third largest film industry in the world.” 
    A vividly determined and elated Austen-Peters, enthused that Theatre@Terra, and now SARO The Musical are driven by similar enterprising spirit and sheer determination that have led to the international breakthroughs of Nigeria’s music and movie industry. 


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